Do You Lead with Control or Do You Lead with Context?

On of the best leadership books that I have read is No Rules Rules by Reed Hoffman (Netflix CEO) and Erin Meyer. The book is about how Reed Hoffman has created a high-performance culture and organization (Note: the examples and figures in the post either come from or are inspired by No Rules Rules). In […]

An Undervalued Key to Effective Leadership: Possessing a Willingness for Reinvention

Fill in the blank: I want to be a successful/effective/loving ____________________. I imagine that your ‘blank’ was filled with “leader,” “spouse,” “parent,” “manager,” “employee,” “teacher,” or something similar. I want to propose an idea to you: Your ability to become truly successful/effective/loving is contingent on your willingness to reinvent yourself. I am not talking about […]

Leader: You Think You Are Right, But You Are Probably Not as Right as You Think

rowing team paddles on the tranquil sea

There was a study of crew coaches (the rowing sport you have probably seen in the Olympics) that confirms several fundamental premises of vertical development: A leader’s vertical altitude dictates what they focus on and prioritize What feels right at one vertical altitude will feel wrong when we operate at a different vertical altitude Specifically, […]

How Awake Are You? The Six Signs that You Might be Asleep

tired businessman

Let’s be real, some people are more conscious, mindful, and present than others. We can also say that some people are more stuck in their own world, narrow-minded, and struggle to connect with the present. For me, one way to describe the differences between these people is that some people are more “awake” than others. […]

Most Common Executive Struggles – Part 3


Research on vertical development has found that people can operate with different internal operating systems that vary in their cognitive and emotional sophistication.