Change Your Mindset, Grow Your Profits! New Book Reveals How To Have a Success Mindset

All managers and executives want to lead their people successfully, to inspire more teamwork, greater creativity, and higher productivity. A new book, Success Mindsets:  Your Keys to Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life, Work & Leadership (Morgan James Publishing, Trade Paperback, May 2020, 246 pages, $17.95, ISBN: 978-1-64279-691-9) explores how one’s adoption of specific mindsets will open the door to career fulfillment and leadership success.

“The most common organizational problems,” says author Ryan Gottfredson, “revolve around poor leadership and management, low employee morale, a lack of inclusion, and an inability to effectively initiate and navigate change. All of that can change when an organization’s leadership recognizes it needs a change in its mindset.”

There are four mindsets today’s leader should embrace, according to the book.  They are:

  1. Growth mindset: believe that you and others can change abilities, talents, and intelligence.
  2. Open mindset:  seek truth and optimal thinking.
  3. Promotion mindset: have a clear purpose and destination that you are shooting toward.
  4. Outward mindset:  See others as people of great worth and value them as such.

By awakening to the foundational and crucial role mindsets play in your life, you can identify the ones that are most conducive to creating success.

Take a comprehensive, research-backed mindset assessment as a way to identify your current mindsets and get direction on how to shift your mindsets to become more success-oriented. Just go to: It’s free.

You can become empowered to make the foundational changes required to cut your self-restraining mindsets and soar to new levels of success and your fullest potential.

This book is the most comprehensive treatise on mindsets to date. It is backed by decades of academic research, and it is also reader-friendly.

Ryan has identified specific mindsets that have been proven to drive success.  Ultimately, when we are blind to our mindsets, we put a limit on our success.  But if we can awaken to our mindsets, we unleash a world of possibility.

Ryan is available to explain:

  • Why it’s important to discover our mindsets and shows how to do so.
  • The pros-cons of various mindsets – and how they influence our success.
  • The challenges of changing one’s mindset – and rewards.
  • Why we are the way we are and how we don’t have to remain this way.
  • Real-life stories of successfully changing one’s mindset to have a more productive, fulfilling, and honest career.

What if you could know yourself at your deepest level? What if you could more fully awaken to how you see the world, why you possess the values and beliefs you have, why you have selected the goals you have set, and why you operate the way you do?  Wouldn’t you be able to navigate your life, work, and leadership more successfully?  This book provides a self-awakening journey for those looking to grow and improve.

Ryan’s research have uncovered some dismal leadership statistics that clearly speak to the need for new mindsets by today’s executives, managers, and leaders.  Research Found:

  • 40% of Americans rank their boss as “bad.”
  • 75% of employees report their boss is the worst and most stressful part of their job.
  • 44% of employers say their current managers do not help them be more productive.
  • 65% of employees would prefer to have a different manager compared to more pay.

Success Mindsets dives into how we see and interpret our worlds. This book provides readers with a proven framework that helps one dive even deeper within themselves than ever before. They will look closely at their foundational beliefs and internal mechanisms that power their automated processing and drive how they behave.  If they can awaken to – and improve their – mindsets they will unlock unlimited potential in the workplace and at home.

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