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  • Cutting-edge Mindset Development Tool: The Digital Mindset Coach
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  • Introspective Exercises Throughout the Course

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  • Feel Empowered - to actually make significant and efficient progress toward your goals. 

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What Others are Saying

"I’ve always heard the term “Mindset” but up until this year never really thought about it.  I’ve always thought success should come naturally.  You either have it or you don’t.  My primary desire was to look good and avoid problems.    
The High Octane Mindset Course helped me understand the difference between Fixed vs. Growth, Closed vs. Open, Prevention vs. Promotional and Inward vs. Outward, which has allowed me to recognize my faults and improve.  This course has allowed me to see life through a different perspective, a different lens. I am still a work in progress but I encourage anyone interested in changing their lives personally and professionally to check out High Octane Mindset Course."    

Greg S. Tamanaha 
Area Vice President, Benefits & HR Consulting

Ryan Gottfredson

About Ryan

Ryan Gottfredson, Ph.D. is a mental success coach and cutting-edge leadership consultant, author, trainer, and researcher. He helps improve organizations, leaders, teams, and employees by improving their mindsets. Ryan is currently a leadership and management professor at the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics at California State University-Fullerton (CSUF). He holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources from Indiana University, and a B.A. from Brigham Young University.

Ryan is the author of “Success Mindsets: The Key to Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life, Work, & Leadership.” (Morgan James Publishing), and Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Seller. 

He also works with organizations to develop their leaders and improve their culture (collective mindsets). He has worked with top leadership teams at CVS Health (top 130 leaders), Deutsche Telekom (500+ of their top 2,000 leaders), and dozens of other organizations.

As a respected authority and researcher on topics related to leadership, management, and organizational behavior, Ryan has published over 17 articles across a variety of journals including: Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Business Horizons, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, and Journal of Leadership Studies. 

His research has been cited over 2,000 times since 2014.