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A guide to help natural achievers, stalled professionals, and business executives unlock greater success in their life, work, and leadership.

Success Mindsets is the most comprehensive, helpful, and research-based source of mindset knowledge to date. It enhances your self-awareness and empowers you to unlock your potential for success.

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The most comprehensive and research-backed mindset assessment to date.
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What Clients Are Saying

Great seminar that truly helps change the perspective on leadership behavior. The simplicity of the material makes it easy to understand how improvement is possible for everyone.


The training and content was fantastic and applicable. Ryan was great with his delivery that resulted in meaningful personal and professional reflection and discussions. I look forward to future sessions.


This was an eye-opener for me and I’m glad I got to learn these 4 mindsets. I will definitely revisit these mindsets and begin to apply them in my everyday life, not only in my leadership positions. 

Brandman University

Ryan engaged our group with enthusiasm. He had clearly done his homework to understand our audience. The most frequent comment from the group was “we’d like to have more time with Dr. Gottfredson.” Again, a sound endorsement of a job well done.

Dennis Bolling, NCFC Education Committee Chair

Ryan was able to provide cutting-edge leadership development insights to our managers in an engaging and informative way that made them really think about their mindsets. The self-assessment allowed them to be introspective and evaluate their style as a leader, and Ryan really helped bring that information to life. His research, ability to answer questions, and dive deep to provide actionable change within these four mindsets was very helpful to our leaders. When it comes to training, I know this will definitely stick with our leaders, and be a memorable topic of discussion for them that drives real change!

Ashley, Grangel Insurance