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Your keys to unlocking greater success in life, work, and leadership

Success Mindsets

Success Mindsets is the most comprehensive, helpful, and research-based source of mindset knowledge to date. It enhances one’s self-awareness and empowers them to unlock their potential for greater levels of success across their life, work, and leadership.

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If you want greater success, you have to improve your mindsets

Even though we may not realize it, our mindsets are foundational to everything we do. If we can improve our mindsets, we can improve our success across our life, work, and leadership. In this book, Ryan Gottfredson has compiled the most comprehensive and research-backed book on mindsets to date, all designed to help you develop the following mindsets so you can unlock greater success:

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What readers are saying

Life changer


The book will help change the trajectory of your life if you choose to apply it to your life. It opened my eyes to some blind spots and gave me the tools I need to overcome them. Must read!!!

Changing your mindset can unlock great potential


I first heard of Ryan Gottfredson when I was reading an article in a training magazine about leadership and mindsets. I immediately went to his website and took the mindset assessment that he created. I was really impressed with the custom report that I received that detailed how my responses measured up against others who had completed the assessment. If you plan to read this book, you should take the assessment first so that you can reflect as you read on the areas where you have the biggest opportunity to grow. What I learned is that the way I think today, impacts the decisions that I make and the way that I interact with other people both personally and professionally. What resonated the most with me is that it isn’t my personality or what I have or don’t have that prevents me from getting where I want to go: it’s how I perceive challenges, failures, and success. This is a great read with some engaging storytelling, and Gottfredson also shares some of his own humbling experiences that inspired him to build this powerful framework.

Powerful truth in this book

Jennifer Stinson

I want to buy a copy of this book for everyone in my office, not because I think they all have negative mindsets but because I believe this book empowers people to learn more about themselves and others.

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Awaken to the quality of your mindsets and learn the latest in psychological and neurological research on how you can best upgrade your mindsets.

Success Mindsets