Vertical development starts with awareness. Workshops are a great place to help your leaders and employees awaken to their vertical altitude and the quality of their mindsets.

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Mindsets: The Key to Elevating Agility in Your Organization or Team

Are you facing increased competition, shortened product life cycles, and rapidly changing customer needs and interests? Welcome to the new reality. In order for teams and organizations to succeed within this new reality, it requires that their leaders and employees become more agile. But, agility is not something organizations can incentivize for coerce. Agility must be unleashed and empowered. This is easier said than done. What most organizational leaders do not recognize that employees’ agility is driven by an oft-overlooked personal attribute called mindsets. In this workshop, Ryan Gottfredson will introduce participants to mindsets and the power they have in driving agility, and help those in attendance learn how to harness the power of mindsets to enhance agility in their teams and organizations.

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Level Up Your Leadership

Most leadership development programs don’t actually help leaders level up. They focus on horizontal development, which helps them level out (i.e., develop new knowledge and skills). But, if we want to level up in our ability to transform our organizations or effectively lead amidst increasing change, pressure, uncertainty, and complexity, we need to level up. This requires vertical development. In this workshop, you will be presented with cutting-edge leadership development thought by a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author of Success Mindsets, Ryan Gottfredson. He will help you awaken to your current vertical altitude, and inspire and guide us to elevate, or level up.

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Vertical Development Workshop

Vertical Development: The Key to Transformational Leadership Development

75% of organizations rated their leadership development programs as not very effective and 71% of organizations do not feel their leaders are able to lead their organizations into the future (BrandonHall Group, 2015). These statistics suggest that typical and traditional leadership development efforts are not currently meeting the demands of today’s leaders. A new approach is needed. In this workshop, Ryan Gottfredson, Ph.D., and Wall-Street Journal best-selling author, will introduce what vertical development is, how it differs from traditional horizontal development efforts, and how you can employ vertical development in your organization to transformationally elevate your leaders.

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Leadership mindsets workshop

Leader Mindsets: The Key to Unlocking Effective Leadership

What makes the difference between an effective leader and a dysfunctional leader? The answer lies in an individual attribute that most leaders and leadership developers overlook: their mindsets. For decades, researchers have found that mindsets are foundational to and drive how individuals think, learn, and behave. Despite their foundational influence, few in organizations ever talk about or focus on mindsets. In this workshop, Dr. Ryan Gottfredson will help participants awaken their mindsets and learn how to harness the power of mindsets to enhance their personal leadership as well as the leadership throughout their organization.

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