How I Help: Human Resources or L&D Teams

Ryan Gottfredson

by Ryan Gottfredson

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Building on my focus of helping leaders and employees become better, vertically develop, and elevate their mindsets, I can help organizations in a variety of ways.

In this article, want to share how I commonly work with Human Resource (HR) or Learning and Development (L&D) teams.

Types of HR & L&D Teams that I Work With

The HR and L&D teams that I work with generally have the following characteristics:

  • They already value the notions of mindsets and/or neuroscience related to leader/employee development and operation
  • They want to gain depth on the concepts of mindsets and vertical development so that they can more effectively support the development of their leaders and employees
  • They want assistance to craft actionable steps or programs to harness the power of vertical development and/or mindsets to elevate their leaders, employees, and/or organizational culture

What does this work generally look like?

When I work with HR and L&D teams, I work with the team leader and team to establish clear goals and outcomes that they want to achieve. Then, I structure a program to help them best meet those goals and outcomes.

The reason why I customize the program is because every group differs on how deeply they want to emphasize the topics of vertical development, mindsets, and neuroscience (e.g., becoming trauma-informed).

The program itself is generally a series of two-hour workshops that are held every two weeks or every month, with readings and exercises between workshops.

Some of the workshops are more content heavy, while other workshops involve taking time to structure and craft programming for the leaders, employees, or teams that they are working with.

The goals and outcomes determine the length of this work. I have created programs that are six workshops long, and I have led programs that have spanned over 18 months (meeting monthly).

What are the outcomes of engaging in this work?

First, if it makes sense, I am happy to provide a “Certificate of Completion” for the members of the team that engage in and finish the programming.

But, more importantly, the biggest impact of this programming is that it:

  • Elevates the maturity and sophistication of the team
  • Improves and elevates the strategy the team takes in the development of its leaders, employees, and organizational culture
  • Empowers the team to engage in activities that will lead to transformational improvements in the organization’s leaders, employees, and culture

Indeed, for the teams I have worked with, the ultimate effect that this programming has is that it elevates the organization. You wouldn’t think that working with a relatively small group of people could do that, but it has that effect. The reason why is because HR and L&D teams have a disproportionate and high-leverage impact on the leaders, employees, and culture of the organization. By elevating these teams, their impact will correspondingly be felt.

If you would like to explore creating a program to elevate your HR or L&D team, let’s connect.

Client Testimonials

Testimonial 1

Early in 2023, Ryan Gottfredson was engaged to offer an HR Business Partner (HRBP) Vertical Development Certification Program in order for the HRBP team to become “mindset experts” for the leaders and employees within our organization.

During this time, our organization was undergoing a digital transformation and the “mindset work” was key to the change and organizational development strategy.  This period became a tumultuous time in our organization’s history. Ryan’s strategic and flexible approach allowed the HRBP team to shift as he guided the team in creating a clear and effective strategy to address leader/employee trauma providing care, support and healing to teams while providing senior organizational leaders with the current “state” of the organization.

With Ryan’s assistance, the knowledge and confidence of the HRBP team in guiding and supporting leaders in adding value to their teams, employees are in turn, better equipped to provide ongoing exceptional service to their clients.

The team continues to engage Ryan to assist in developing strategies to put the mindset expertise of the team to practical use with internal clients to bring hope and elevation to the organization for the short and long term.

-Diane A. – Executive Advisor

Testimonial 2

Ryan’s contributions have been invaluable in helping the HR team develop vertically and elevate their performance to new heights. His brilliance and strategic insights were instrumental in our collaboration, and his expertise has significantly impacted our progress and growth. 

-Bonita R. – Training Advisor in Talent Management

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