Why Leadership Development Needs to Focus on the Brain

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Over the last week, I have had two very similar percentages rolling around my head: In my blog post last week, I reported a finding that people with ADHD generally operate at 30% reduced ability across self-awareness, self-restraint, hindsight/foresight, time management, emotional self-control, self-motivation, and planning and problem-solving. In one of my most favorite TED […]

The Connection Between Leadership, ADHD, and Vertical Development

brain pathways

If you haven’t followed my writings, here are some key things to understand: We have an internal operating system that dictates nearly all of our perceiving, thinking, and operation. Vertical development is a form of development that focuses on upgrading our internal operating system. The quality of our leadership is dictated by the quality and […]

How Knowing about ADHD Helps Us Understand the Value of Vertical Development

businesswoman looking distracted at her desk

Recently, my daughter was diagnosed as having ADHD-I. As my wife and I have been learning about ADHD-I, my wife has been wondering whether she has ADHD-I. In my research, I have found that ADHD-I commonly goes undiagnosed, and this is particularly the case for adult women. ADHD-I is attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder-inattentive. It is one of […]

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