How Past Trauma Affects Leadership Quality

woman with a psychologist for therapy, trauma and mental health support

We want better leaders and we want to become better leaders. Unfortunately, commonly referenced statistics suggest that the majority of leaders are falling significantly below expectations. Improving our leadership and that of others should be a priority. In this series I am going to make a bold claim that I believe is key to transformationally […]

Trauma & Leadership – Part 4 – The Limiting Impact of Trauma


In this series, I am making a bold claim that I believe is key to transformationally elevating our leadership effectiveness. The claim is: Leadership ineffectiveness is rooted in leaders’ trauma If this is true, it has a very powerful implication: In order to help leaders significantly transform, we need to help them heal from their […]

Can a Psychologically Unhealthy Leader Be an Effective Leader?

Psychologically Unhealthy scaled

Can a psychologically unhealthy leader lead effectively? The answer is “no.” At least not on a consistent and long-term basis. If we understand this, then it becomes paramount to (1) understand what psychological health is, and (2) be able to measure psychological health in a useful way for both development and evaluation purposes. Psychological Health […]

Organizational Change: What Executives Commonly Get Wrong

Leader Wrong Direction scaled

Now, more than ever (primarily because of the pandemic), organizational executives are clamoring for change within their organizations. Most commonly, I am hearing executives saying that they need to become more agile. This is great! But, let us stop and ask ourselves, what does organizational change require? What Organizational Change Requires There are two books […]

The Overlooked Secret to Effective Organizational Change

Org Change scaled

Do you know an organization that isn’t going through some form of disruption or significant change? Here are a couple of current realities: Covid-19 is forcing almost all organizations to have to be agile and to change Covid-19 aside, the need for deep organizational change is rapidly increasing in frequency because of (1) increased competition, […]

The Prevalence of and Solution to “Command and Control” Leadership

Micromanagement3 scaled

“Command and control” leadership is one of the worst forms of leadership, but it is also the most common. In this article, I want to discuss why “command and control” leadership is so prevalent and what you can do about it as an individual leader or as an organization. Fortune 50 Case Study I recently […]

Dynamic Foundation: The Key to Being Agile and Future-Proof


Do you have a stable foundation or a dynamic foundation? I think the answer has huge implications for our ability to survive and navigate crises. In other words, it has huge implications for our ability to be agile and future-proof. What is the purpose of a foundation? It is to hold up and hold together […]

Care For Your Mindsets Like You Do Your Teeth

Clean Teeth Smile

What do you do to keep your teeth healthy? If you are at least the average person, you: Go to the dentist every six months for a deep clean Spend 5-10 minutes every day caring for your teeth (brushing, flossing, etc.) Now, consider this… What is more important for your long-term success: your mindsets or […]

Agility Quotient

agility athlete balance ballerina preview

(Cover image credit: Ryderwear – You have heard of intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ), but have you heard of agility quotient (AQ). Ok, so agility quotient hasn’t been rigorously studied like IQ or EQ, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have important practical implications. Agility quotient is one’s ability or capacity to […]

Three Mindsets Necessary for Organizational Agility

Agility 2

According to Deloitte, 40% of Fortune 500 companies won’t exist in 2025. In fact 52% of Fortune 500 companies from 2000 no longer exist. Why is it that companies fail? Is it because of market factors, including increased competition, shortened product life cycles, or rapidly changing customer interests and needs? No! All companies experience these […]

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