Why Leadership Development Needs to Focus on the Brain

stressed female at work

Over the last week, I have had two very similar percentages rolling around my head: In my blog post last week, I reported a finding that people with ADHD generally operate at 30% reduced ability across self-awareness, self-restraint, hindsight/foresight, time management, emotional self-control, self-motivation, and planning and problem-solving. In one of my most favorite TED […]

Mindsets: The Circuit Board of Our Mind

Mind Brain scaled

What part of us is responsible for why we process and operate in the ways that we do? Our mind. Yet, personal development efforts rarely focus on the mind. With advances in both psychology and neuroscience, we know more about the brain than ever before. Although most of this learning has occurred in the past […]

The Cognitive Science Behind Mindsets


What causes one person to see challenges as things to avoid, but another person to see those same challenges as opportunities to learn and grow? What causes one person to see others as objects, but another person to see those same people as people? Our mindsets! But why? To answer this question, we need to […]

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