You Can’t Change Others, But…

Org Change scaled

Last week, I wrote an article entitled “Leader: You Need to Lose Weight” where I compared to working with leaders to change their mindsets to telling them that they need to lose weight. Recognizing that inviting transformation (whether mindsets or weight) is rather difficult to do effectively, I invited input from my readers on how […]

The Overlooked Secret to Effective Organizational Change

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Do you know an organization that isn’t going through some form of disruption or significant change? Here are a couple of current realities: Covid-19 is forcing almost all organizations to have to be agile and to change Covid-19 aside, the need for deep organizational change is rapidly increasing in frequency because of (1) increased competition, […]

An Invitation to Transform: Engage in Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Bob Quinn is a management professor at University of Michigan. He has devoted his life to studying change at both personal and organizational levels. He has written the best book on change that I have ever read: Deep Change. He recently published a new fantastic book call the Economics of Purpose. In this book, he […]

Becoming a More Positive Influence: Create a Culture Committed to Greatness


Consider the following quote: (In fact, in the comments, let me know whether or not you agree with it and why.) For now, let’s take it at face value and assume that people and organizations are either committed to greatness, or by default, they are committed to mediocrity. Let’s apply this quote to your organization. […]

Get Out of Inertia and Enhance Your Trajectory

Inertia 1

Most people develop habits and most organizations develop policies to keep the train moving along in inertia. But here is the problem: as the external world changes, and as our habits and policies stay in inertia, our inertia takes us on the course of “slow death.” Over time, our habits and policies fail to meet the demands of our external environment.

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