Do You Approach Your Life & Work in the Most Optimal Way?


How do you approach performance situations? Think your work, parenting, and education (current or past schooling). People generally take one of three approaches: They attempt to avoid disapproval and negative judgments (Performance-Avoid Orientation) They attempt to outperform others operating in that space (Performance-Approach Orientation) They attempt to master whatever it is they are doing (Learning […]

Becoming a More Positive Influence: Investigate and Improve Your Why

why brick wall large

Your goal orientation plays a driving role in your effectiveness and success as a person, parent, employee, leader, etc. Thus, if you do want to be effective and successful, it is important to question your “why.” What goal orientation do you have? If you have anything but a mastery orientation you are surely putting a limit to how effective and successful you can be.

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