Trauma & Leadership – Part 6 – Top-Down Approach to Trauma Healing

man meditating

Thus far in this series, I have communicated what trauma is (Part 1), how trauma affects our mind (Part 2), and how trauma inhibits leaders’ abilities to be emotionally intelligent (Part 3), and agile (Part 4). Knowing all of this, if we want to elevate our ability to be effective leaders, we need to heal […]

Does Focusing on Mindsets Help with Happiness?


Lately, I have received multiple requests to try to connect a focus of mindsets to happiness. In one request, the requester said something along the lines of, “If you can connect mindsets to happiness, people will focus more on mindsets because everyone is interested in improving their happiness.” I want to make this connection, but […]

Rewiring to Develop Positive Mindsets: Integrating the Mind

Rewire Brain2

This is the final article in a four-part series. In the first article, I explained that our mindsets are long-range neural connections in the brain that connect the three different brain regions. They effectively serve as the circuit board for our mind. In the second article, I explained that when someone has negative mindsets, it […]

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