What Mindsets Drive Success?


The fact that very few of us can clearly identify mindsets that drive success is problematic. It is problematic because we have little clarity on what to focus on. And, even if we feel we do have clarity, how certain are you that what you have chosen to focus on is actually the best thing to focus on.

What Mindsets Drive Success?2020-06-27T06:28:41-07:00

The Missing Ingredient in Leadership Performance: Mindsets


Because mindsets are foundational to all we think about and do, whatever you know about mindsets, it probably is not enough. In all honesty, learning about mindsets has completely changed my life for the better. And, I want to share what I have learned with you so that you can improve your life.

The Missing Ingredient in Leadership Performance: Mindsets2019-04-25T11:50:22-07:00
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