Vertical Development: How to Upgrade Your Operating System

Upgrade Operating System scaled

Vertical development is enhancing our ability to make meaning of our world in more cognitively and emotionally sophisticated ways. The concept comes with two assumptions: People vary in their cognitive and emotional sophistication Those with higher altitudes of cognitive and emotional sophistication will navigate life more effectively, be better leaders, and be more positive influences […]

Do You Approach Your Life & Work in the Most Optimal Way?


How do you approach performance situations? Think your work, parenting, and education (current or past schooling). People generally take one of three approaches: They attempt to avoid disapproval and negative judgments (Performance-Avoid Orientation) They attempt to outperform others operating in that space (Performance-Approach Orientation) They attempt to master whatever it is they are doing (Learning […]

An Invitation to Transform: Engage in Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Bob Quinn is a management professor at University of Michigan. He has devoted his life to studying change at both personal and organizational levels. He has written the best book on change that I have ever read: Deep Change. He recently published a new fantastic book call the Economics of Purpose. In this book, he […]

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