New Version of My Mindset Assessment Results

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I am excited to announce that I have a new version of my mindset assessment results. If you want to take the mindset assessment to see the new results you can do so here: Personal Mindset Assessment. The changes are small but, I believe, quite significant. In the past, I have used the labels of […]

The True Quality of Our Mindsets Are Revealed During Times of Stress

After people take my FREE Personal Mindset Assessment, it is common for me to receive an email that says something along the lines of, “The assessment said that I have a fixed mindset, but I DO NOT have a fixed mindset.” Then, they often will give several examples about how they have taken on a […]

Leader, How Wide is Your Window of Tolerance?

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I have been doing a number of 360-degree feedback-type assessments and follow-up coaching with leaders over the last year, and I have learned several things that have been surprising. Let me share a couple of these surprises with you. For context, in these assessments, the leaders’ subordinates, peers, and superiors evaluate the leader across a […]

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