What Mind 3.0 Leaders Do to Actualize Transformational Change – Part 3

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There are three modern business leaders I have studied who: Are great examples of being Mind 3.0 (i.e., highly vertically developed) leaders who… Have actualized transformational and sustainable change in the organizations they led. These leaders are: Alan Mulally (Ford) – see American Icon Ed Catmull (Disney Animation) – see Creativity, Inc. Satya Nadella (Microsoft) […]

You Can’t Change Others, But…

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Last week, I wrote an article entitled “Leader: You Need to Lose Weight” where I compared to working with leaders to change their mindsets to telling them that they need to lose weight. Recognizing that inviting transformation (whether mindsets or weight) is rather difficult to do effectively, I invited input from my readers on how […]

Leader: You Need to Lose Weight

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Imagine going to an executive team and telling them that they all need to lose weight. How do you think they are going to respond to that? Now, of course, you are going to do this is the most tactful way possible. You are going to explain all of the benefits of eating healthy, exercising, […]

Organizational Change: What Executives Commonly Get Wrong

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Now, more than ever (primarily because of the pandemic), organizational executives are clamoring for change within their organizations. Most commonly, I am hearing executives saying that they need to become more agile. This is great! But, let us stop and ask ourselves, what does organizational change require? What Organizational Change Requires There are two books […]

Mindsets: The Key to Leader Transformation

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Riley and Jordan are two regional leaders for a large bank who have just flown into Chicago for their organization’s annual meeting, which includes a variety of leadership development trainings. In the days leading up to the training, both Riley and Jordan were encouraged to take a short personal mindset assessment. Riley’s results were largely […]

An Invitation to Transform: Engage in Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Bob Quinn is a management professor at University of Michigan. He has devoted his life to studying change at both personal and organizational levels. He has written the best book on change that I have ever read: Deep Change. He recently published a new fantastic book call the Economics of Purpose. In this book, he […]

Have You Transformed?


Have you ever noticed that there are some people and leaders who stand out from others in a positive way? They seem to operate on a different, higher plane. It isn’t always easy to put your finger on what makes them different, but for whatever reason, they seem exceptionally productive, overly generous, and an overall […]

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