Window of Tolerance

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In my leadership development programs, I commonly talk about a concept called “window of tolerance.” At first, I assumed that everyone was familiar with window of tolerance. But, I started asking my workshop participants if they have ever heard the concept. To my surprise, I am finding that among most audiences, only about 30% of […]

Want to Transform Yourself: Focus on Your Internal Operating System

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Can you answer the following questions: Do people have an internal operating system (IOS)? Do you have a sense of what our internal operating system is? Do you think that the quality and sophistication of people’s internal operating systems differ? How can you tell? What are the signs that indicate this? In this article, I […]

The Four Practices Necessary for Vertical Development

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What is Vertical Development? Vertical development is the process of upgrading our own internal operating system so that we operate in more cognitively and emotionally sophisticated ways. It is the process by which we become better. Vertical development is necessary for the improvement of the following characteristics, which I believe we should all aspire to: […]

How to Create Candor


Candor is a willingness in an organization to communicate in an unreserved, honest, sincere, and forthright way.

Why Organizations Need Vertical Development

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Organizations are increasingly recognizing that the complexity of the world their leaders are facing exceed their abilities to effectively navigate this complexity. The consequence of this is that most leaders are operating at a leadership deficit, with consequences that include exhaustion, burnout, turnover, and poor decision making.

What Context Struggles to Create Space for Learning? The Workplace

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I want to share with you an excerpt from Decoding Greatness by Ron Friedman that I found incredibly powerful. He writes: Growth requires strain. A moderate degree of difficulty is essential to both mental and physical development. Teachers know it. Bodybuilders know it. Athletes know it. Yet what’s the one place where stretching our limits […]

Leader, How Wide is Your Window of Tolerance?

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I have been doing a number of 360-degree feedback-type assessments and follow-up coaching with leaders over the last year, and I have learned several things that have been surprising. Let me share a couple of these surprises with you. For context, in these assessments, the leaders’ subordinates, peers, and superiors evaluate the leader across a […]