Window of Tolerance

Business colleagues in a boardroom

In my leadership development programs, I commonly talk about a concept called “window of tolerance.” At first, I assumed that everyone was familiar with window of tolerance. But, I started asking my workshop participants if they have ever heard the concept. To my surprise, I am finding that among most audiences, only about 30% of […]

What is Vertical Development


Vertical development is the key to transformational personal and leadership development. This article is designed to be a comprehensive, yet approachable, treatise on the topic. This will help you unleash the power of vertical development for yourself or those you work with.

Want to Transform Yourself: Focus on Your Internal Operating System

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Can you answer the following questions: Do people have an internal operating system (IOS)? Do you have a sense of what our internal operating system is? Do you think that the quality and sophistication of people’s internal operating systems differ? How can you tell? What are the signs that indicate this? In this article, I […]

September Promotion: 3 Workshops for the Price of 2

Vertical Development Workshop

I am excited to announce the release of the new and upgraded version of my Personal Mindset Assessment. If you haven’t taken my mindset assessment, now is the time to awaken to the quality of your mindsets. If you have taken my mindset assessment before, check it out to experience the better functionality. Either way, […]

What Leaders Should Focus on to Ensure Current and Future Success

TOTO (Today-Tomorrow) Matrix - Firefighting, Reinvention, Blind Idealism, Titanic Syndrome

This article is inspired by an incredibly thought-provoking idea that Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva delivered during a recent workshop I hosted for my followers. You can get the recording here: Why You Need to Reinvent Your Organization (and Yourself) Every Three Years. What do organizational leaders most commonly focus on? In my experience, most organizational leaders […]

What Leadership Development Programs Need to Include to be Effective and Successful

manager helps employee, programming

In order for a leadership development program to be effective and successful, what does it need to include? A purpose – The purpose will dictate almost all elements of the programming. There is not one specific purpose that a leadership development program needs. But, the purpose should be broad enough to allow for a focus […]

My Challenge to You: Doubt Your Simplicity

They share the same perspectives on success. a businesswoman giving a presentation to her colleagues on a whiteboard

I am currently writing a paper for a practitioner journal called Business Horizons with this as a core message: In order to effectively navigate increasing complexity, we need to increasingly become complex leaders Basic Premise of This Core Message The basic premise of this core message is that there are some people who have an […]

Becoming: Improving Your Ability to Become Better

Businessman hand climbs career ladder of success. Going on a new level. Progress and professional growth. Appointment of an employee to a new position. Success, Self improvement skills and abilities

I have been thinking a lot about “becoming” lately. I want to share some of my thoughts related to the topic, and ask for your feedback along the way. Before reading this article, I would greatly appreciate it if you completed this quick one-question survey. 1. Does Everyone Want to Become Better? I know there […]

Elevating Your Complexity

world technology

If there is one message that you take away from this article, it is this: More complex people and leaders have a greater ability to effectively navigate complexity. What is Complexity? The reality is that some people are more simple-minded and others are more complex-minded. Someone who is simple-minded tends to: See things in black […]

Success Mindsets for Early Career Employees

New Mindset, New Results

If there is one lesson I could teach early career employees, it is this: The trajectory of your career and success will be much steeper with success mindsets than without success mindsets. What are Success Mindsets? We all have a variety of different mindsets. Our mindsets are mental lenses, or mental habits, that cause us […]

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