September Promotion: 3 Workshops for the Price of 2

Ryan Gottfredson

by Ryan Gottfredson

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Vertical Development Workshop

I am excited to announce the release of the new and upgraded version of my Personal Mindset Assessment.

If you haven’t taken my mindset assessment, now is the time to awaken to the quality of your mindsets.

If you have taken my mindset assessment before, check it out to experience the better functionality.

Either way, I would love to hear your feedback on the new version. You can comment below or shoot me an email.

New Mindset Assessment Mockup

September Promotion: 3 Workshops for the Price of 2

I normally conduct 90-minute leadership and mindset development workshops for $2,500, which generally includes (1) access to my mindset assessment and (2) the development of a collective mindset report to see the collective mindsets of the group.

To celebrate the launch of my new Personal Mindset Assessment, I am running a promotion for the month of September, where you can get 3 Workshops for the Price of 2 ($5,000), also including collective mindset reports.

In my mind, there are two primary ways you could structure these three workshops:

1. Same Workshop for Three Different Groups

If you have different groups of leaders, different department, or different divisions that you would like to elevate, I would be happy to conduct the same workshop for three different groups.

For each group, we would help them dramatically deepen their self-awareness by helping them awaken to:

  • What mindsets are
  • The foundational role they play in leadership/employee effectiveness
  • What mindsets are most important for leadership/employee effectiveness
  • The current quality of their personal mindsets
  • The current quality of their collective mindsets (gives us a really strong read of the culture of the group)
  • How to elevate their mindsets so that they can elevate their effectiveness

2. 3-Part Workshop Series for the Same Group

If you have a group of leaders and employees that you would like to give a transformative and elevating experience, this is the ideal option. Across three workshops, we can help them:

  • Deepen their self-awareness by helping them awaken to the idea that they have an internal operating system
  • Become aware of the current quality of their internal operating system (which is only possible by introducing them to the principles of vertical development and having them take my Personal Mindset Assessment)
  • Structure a personal vertical development plan to elevate themselves and their effectiveness

From conducting this series with dozens of organizations, I can promise you that the participants will walk away from the experience as changed and more elevated people.

Take Advantage of the Promotion

If you would like to take advantage of this promotion, send me an email or grab a time on my calendar to chat: Connect with Ryan.

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