How Awake Are You? The Six Signs that You Might be Asleep

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Let’s be real, some people are more conscious, mindful, and present than others. We can also say that some people are more stuck in their own world, narrow-minded, and struggle to connect with the present. For me, one way to describe the differences between these people is that some people are more “awake” than others. […]

Most Common Executive Struggles – Part 3


Research on vertical development has found that people can operate with different internal operating systems that vary in their cognitive and emotional sophistication.

How Many Value Creators Do You Have In Your Organization?

16 3 vertical vs horizontal development

When I talk about the difference between horizontal and vertical development, I generally present the following figure as a way to depict their different foci: I was recently challenged by two colleagues to try to create a figure with horizontal development on the X axis and vertical development on the Y Axis like so: The […]

Leader: You Need to Lose Weight

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Imagine going to an executive team and telling them that they all need to lose weight. How do you think they are going to respond to that? Now, of course, you are going to do this is the most tactful way possible. You are going to explain all of the benefits of eating healthy, exercising, […]

Organizational Change: What Executives Commonly Get Wrong

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Now, more than ever (primarily because of the pandemic), organizational executives are clamoring for change within their organizations. Most commonly, I am hearing executives saying that they need to become more agile. This is great! But, let us stop and ask ourselves, what does organizational change require? What Organizational Change Requires There are two books […]