The Four Cornerstones of an Effective Leadership Foundation

4 pillars

In my experience studying vertically developed (Mind 3.0) leaders, I have found that they prioritize establishing a strong leadership foundation to build off of. In this article, I want to identify four key elements of this foundation. Based on my experience working with executive teams, I have learned and observed the following: The Four Key […]

The Number One Priority of the Most Elevated Leaders

Hastings, Mulally, Nadella, and Hainer

Knowing about the concept of vertical development, I have come to learn that leaders can operate from three different levels of cognitive and emotional sophistication: Recognizing that only 8% of leaders operate at the highest level of leadership, I have been on a mission to identify: Exemplars of Mind 3.0 leaders What Mind 3.0 leaders […]

How Mind 3.0 Leaders Actualize Transformational Change

two businesspeople working on a computer in an office

There are three modern business leaders that I have studied that: Are great examples of being Mind 3.0 (i.e., highly vertically developed) leaders that… Have actualized transformational change in the organizations they led. These leaders are: Alan Mulally (Ford) – see American Icon Ed Catmull (Disney Animation) – see Creativity, Inc. Satya Nadella (Microsoft) – […]

Vertical Development & Life Fulfillment

feeling fulfilled at work

Do people at higher vertical development altitudes experience greater life fulfillment? That is a question that I partnered with Maurice Thibodeau to answer. Maurice is a the creator of a fantastic self-assessment called the Life Inventory Assessment, which is designed to help people gauge the degree to which they are fulfilled in their life across […]

How Elevated Leaders Think About Culture

As I study Elevated Leaders (8% of leaders who operate from a Mind 3.0 vertical altitude) and compare them to Most Leaders (85% of leaders who operate from a Mind 2.0 vertical altitude), one the primary differences is their relationship with and focus on culture. Let me explain. The Two Curves Whether we acknowledge them […]

The Four Most Common Differences Between Mind 2.0 Leaders and Mind 3.0 Leaders

a businesswoman giving a presentation to her colleagues in an office

If you are unfamiliar with my material, I pull from adult development research, which has found that: Adults can develop in adulthood There are three different adult developmental stages (I call them Mind 1.0, Mind 2.0, & Mind 3.0). The higher the stage, the more effective one operates Most adults (64%) never develop in adulthood […]

What Leadership Development Programs Need to Include to be Effective and Successful

manager helps employee, programming

In order for a leadership development program to be effective and successful, what does it need to include? A purpose – The purpose will dictate almost all elements of the programming. There is not one specific purpose that a leadership development program needs. But, the purpose should be broad enough to allow for a focus […]

The Impact of Vertical Development on Individual Leaders

Ryan Gottfredson Speaker Reel 0 24 screenshot 1

A few weeks ago, I surveyed my newsletter subscribers and asked them what they would like to see me write about. A common theme from the responses was that they wanted to learn more about my business and the impact that it is having on the leaders and organizations that I work with. So, over […]

The Biggest Issue with Traditional Leadership: The Dark Side of Mind 2.0

devil boss

Adult development research indicates that there is a dominant type of leadership today. Specifically, this research reveals that 85% of leaders operate from a Mind 2.0 vertical altitude. When leaders operate from a Mind 2.0 vertical altitude, their bodies are internally wired to advance, stand out, and get ahead. Their primary motive is to hit […]

Leader: You Think You Are Right, But You Are Probably Not as Right as You Think

rowing team paddles on the tranquil sea

There was a study of crew coaches (the rowing sport you have probably seen in the Olympics) that confirms several fundamental premises of vertical development: A leader’s vertical altitude dictates what they focus on and prioritize What feels right at one vertical altitude will feel wrong when we operate at a different vertical altitude Specifically, […]

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