Rewiring to Develop Positive Mindsets: Integrating the Mind

Rewire Brain2

This is the final article in a four-part series. In the first article, I explained that our mindsets are long-range neural connections in the brain that connect the three different brain regions. They effectively serve as the circuit board for our mind. In the second article, I explained that when someone has negative mindsets, it […]

Trauma: Its Effects on Our Life and Our Mindsets

Trauma 3 scaled

In last week’s blog post (What Causes People to Possess Negative Mindsets?), I discussed how when we have negative mindsets, it is a signal that the wiring in our brain (particularly the wiring between our three major brain regions) is not properly integrated. Our negative mindsets and this lack of integration generally comes about because […]

What Causes People to Possess Negative Mindsets?

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Last week, I wrote an article about the neuroscience of mindsets, which suggested that our mindsets are long-range neural connections that serve as our brain’s circuit board, connecting our three primary brain regions: basal ganglia (reptilian brain), limbic system (mammalian brain), and neocortex (human brain). See the neon green lines. Ideal Situation In an ideal […]

Mindsets: The Circuit Board of Our Mind

Mind Brain scaled

What part of us is responsible for why we process and operate in the ways that we do? Our mind. Yet, personal development efforts rarely focus on the mind. With advances in both psychology and neuroscience, we know more about the brain than ever before. Although most of this learning has occurred in the past […]

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