Research-Backed Benefits of Possessing an Outward Mindset


If you feel like a mindset novice, before reading this article, you might find value in reading this article: What are Mindsets & Why are They Foundational to Our Success? It lays the groundwork for why I am focusing on and summarizing the benefits of an outward mindset. Inward and Outward Mindsets We possess an […]

Are Mindsets a “Secret to Success?”

Secret to Success

I often hear people say that mindsets are the “secret to success.” I am not sure if I buy this. Not because I don’t think mindsets are important, but because I don’t think it is a “secret” that mindsets are foundational to our success. I think most people know and understand the importance of mindsets, […]

Owning Your Mindsets: The Key to Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a fancy term for possessing self-awareness and other-awareness in the following ways: Interesting factoids regarding emotional intelligence (from Emotional Intelligence 2.0): Regarding the two components of emotional intelligence, I have two beliefs: For this post, I want to focus on how we can enhance our self-awareness in order to improve our emotional […]

What Your Team Must Focus on to Be Successful

Team Success

50 years ago, almost to the day I am posting this, astronaut Neil Armstrong took his historic steps on the moon. What an incredible feat…getting people on the moon. How do you get someone on the moon when no one has every been there before? I am not sure, but I do know one thing […]

Mindsets: The Key to Personal Development

Butterfly 3

If you were to Google “how to be an effective ______________________” (fill in the blank; leader, employee, parent, follower, fisherman), you will inevitably end up with a near-endless list of articles that resemble the following: Now, if you were to click on each of those articles and identify all of the unique aspects of what […]

The Cognitive Science Behind Mindsets


What causes one person to see challenges as things to avoid, but another person to see those same challenges as opportunities to learn and grow? What causes one person to see others as objects, but another person to see those same people as people? Our mindsets! But why? To answer this question, we need to […]

The Five-Step Process to Develop Positive Qualities


The difference between the qualities that you have and the qualities that you want to possess is in how you see your world or, in other words, your mindsets. Thus, if you want to develop certain qualities that you do not yet have, it is essential that you change your mindsets.

Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life, Work, & Leadership

Inmates Mindsets

What causes people to see the same thing or encounter the same situation and interpret so differently? The difference is one’s mindsets. The reality is that the lenses we use to view the world largely determines the success we have in our life, work, and leadership.

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