Mindsets and Political Affiliation

Mindsets by Political Affiliation

I recently partnered with Aimpoint Research to investigate how mindsets might differ across different demographic profiles, including political affiliation, income level, gender, education level, generation, geographic region (in the United States). I am finding the results quite interesting. In the next several articles, I will be sharing the results of this effort. This week, I’ll […]

Vertical Development Should Come Before Horizontal Development

Operating System2

Last year, I did a study of 153 organization’s leadership development efforts. One of the things that was revealed was the topics that organizations most commonly focus on in their leadership development programs. Here are the results: Communication & Interpersonal Skills – 72% of organizations Developing Management Skills (e.g., planning & decision-making) – 54% of […]

How Our Prevention or Promotion Mindset Affects Us

Prevention Promotion

Mindsets are specific, recognizable, and repeatable orientations to our life’s experiences. They are specific, recognizable, and repeatable because they are strong neural connections in our brain that our brain primarily relies upon to make sense of and respond to our world. For example, when you are faced with any of the following situations, your mindsets […]

How to Enhance Our Psychological Flexibility

Psychological Flexibility 1 scaled

I have a six-year-old son who is in speech therapy. I listened in to one of his sessions this week, where he worked on his “th” sound. He tends to do an “s” sound when the “th” sound is needed. So, instead of “tooth,” often it comes out as “toose.” The whole point of speech […]

The Four Sets of Mindsets – Are Your Mindsets Self-Protecting or Empowering?

While there are many different mindsets that are “out there,” there are four sets of mindsets that have 30+ years of research backing, indicating that they foundationally shape how we think, learn, and behave. Each set contains a negative mindset and a positive mindset, each representing a pole along a continuum: In what follows, I will […]

The Two Keys to Improving Your Mindsets

Butterfly Transformation scaled

Because of the foundational role your mindsets play in how you live your life, improving your mindsets is life-transforming. It has been for me. I focus on four sets of mindsets that range from negative to positive. Before I knew anything about mindsets, I used to be on the negative side of each of the […]

An Indicator for Identifying Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Self limiting beliefs

This seems simplistic, but it is reality: We structure and live our lives based upon our beliefs If our beliefs are incorrect, they can significantly limit our success Therefore, if we want to optimize ourselves for success, we must seek to improve the accuracy of our beliefs One of the things that I have learned […]

Three Mindsets Necessary for Organizational Agility

Agility 2

According to Deloitte, 40% of Fortune 500 companies won’t exist in 2025. In fact 52% of Fortune 500 companies from 2000 no longer exist. Why is it that companies fail? Is it because of market factors, including increased competition, shortened product life cycles, or rapidly changing customer interests and needs? No! All companies experience these […]