The Two Keys to Improving Your Mindsets

Ryan Gottfredson

by Ryan Gottfredson

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Because of the foundational role your mindsets play in how you live your life, improving your mindsets is life-transforming.

It has been for me.

I focus on four sets of mindsets that range from negative to positive.

Before I knew anything about mindsets, I used to be on the negative side of each of the continuums.

Yet, in the moment and mired by my negative mindsets, I had a hard time seeing that I was seeing and approaching life in a manner that was limiting to me.

I felt justified in my negative mindsets. (1) I was trying my best, (2) my life up until that point had led me to believe that how I was seeing and approaching life was the best way to see and approach life (i.e., I didn’t know any better), and (3) I could justify why how I approached life was optimal.

Example – Prevention Mindset

Let me give you an example of this. I used to have a prevention mindset. I was focused on not losing, playing it safe, and avoiding anything that might make my life difficult or uncomfortable.

Looking back, I saw this in little things. I chose to live in dumpy apartments as a way to play it financially safe. At times, I was more concerned about keeping my house clean than giving my children experiences to learn and grow (e.g., I said “no” to finger painting because I didn’t want to clean up the mess).

I also saw it in big things. I had no desire to be an entrepreneur because it seemed too risky. I chose a profession that felt “safe.” My life outlook and direction were focused on continually enhancing my comfort. This seemed “right” to me.

Because I had never heard about a “prevention mindset,” I had no clue that I had one, or that it was negatively impacting how I processed and operated.

Yet, the reality was that I had unchecked fears and commitments that caused me to behave in ways that “made sense,” but were actually limiting. These behaviors were justifiable because of my underlying fears and commitments that I could not see as being limiting.

And because I had never heard of a promotion mindset, I was unable to see how I could be seeing and approaching life in a much more effective way.

Improving Mindsets

I have improved my mindset from a prevention mindset to a promotion mindset, and the difference has been life-transforming (e.g., starting own business, writing a book, hitting the Wall Street Journal best-seller list).

From my personal experience improving my mindsets, and working with thousands of others to improve their mindsets, I have learned that two main things need to happen for someone to improve their mindsets and to transform their mindsets.

Learn About the Different Mindsets

First, one needs to learn about the different mindsets. They need to

  • Learn what mindsets are (long-range neural connections that serve as our brain’s circuit boards)
  • Learn about the power and importance of mindsets
  • Learn the names of the various mindsets (just having labels is incredibly powerful)
  • Learn the differences between the negative and positive mindsets
  • Learn the differences in the fears and commitments associated with the different mindsets

Activate and Implement the Positive Mindsets

Second, one needs to activate and implement the positive mindsets. In other words, one needs to practice with the positive mindsets.

To help people do this, I have developed a whole host of resources to help people practice with each of the for different positive mindsets:

What I have found is that only a small percentage of people actually take initiative on their own to engage in these interventions.

So, generally, I have learned that if someone wants their learning about mindsets to translate over into actual mindset improvement, they need a guide or a partner to help them continually activate and implement the positive mindsets.

High Octane Mindsets

In light of that, I am making a shift in my online mindset course: High Octane Mindsets.

Since it was released three months ago, individuals who engage in the course have largely been on their own in the self-paced program (estimated to take an individual seven weeks).

It is largely composed of learning modules, but it comes with my Digital Mindset Coach, various exercises and associated worksheets, and the invitation to develop a meditation practice.

I have been offering it for $997.

Having seen a couple of cohorts work through the course, I have learned that while individuals have loved the content and the deep introspective dive the course takes them on, they have expressed that they want a little more one-on-one support.

In other words, they want both the (1) learning and (2) the activation and implementation.

In light of that, I am raising the price of my course to $1,997 and adding in three separate hour-long coaching calls that occur at pivotal moments in the course.


Have been on dozens of Discovery Calls, I have learned that it is really challenging for people with negative mindsets (especially prevention mindsets) to take the leap and purchase a fairly expensive course, even if it will dramatically improve their lives. The more they think about it, the more they talk themselves out of it. They usually think they can do it on their own (and then their negative mindsets prevent them from taking any action).

So, to help people take the life-changing action of signing up and engaging in the course, I am happy to offer my original sales price of $997 if they sign up for the course within three days of the Discovery Call.

Interested in High Octane Mindsets?

If you are interested in my High Octane Mindsets Course, or even just want to learn more about it, sign up for a FREE Discovery Call with me.

Think of this as a free 30-minute coaching call to see if the course will be a good fit for you and aligned with the changes that you want to make in your life.

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