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Vertical development is a process of personal development that focuses on upgrading our body’s internal operating system.
It is reasonable to question if transformational vertical development is possible in an organization. I believe that such transformation is rare.

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When you look at any organization that has radically transformed for elevated success, at the core, you will find the implant of a vertically developed leader.
Vertical development is about upgrading our internal operating system such that we elevate how we make meaning of our world in more cognitively and emotionally sophisticated ways.
As a part of all of our human experience, we have all operated at this deficit at different times of our life.
Heat experiences are events or situations that cause one to question their current mental models and ways of thinking.
The most important job of an executive is to influence the employees in the organization to fulfill the mission of the organization.
Let’s look at vulnerability through the lens of vertical development and how we “make meaning” of vulnerability.
Research on vertical development has found that people can operate with different internal operating systems that vary in their cognitive and emotional sophistication.
This week, I start identifying the most common executive struggles that I have observed working with executive teams.
In this article, I want to explore what I believe to be the foundation of all four things that executives struggle with.