The Two Keys to Improving Your Mindsets

Butterfly Transformation scaled

Because of the foundational role your mindsets play in how you live your life, improving your mindsets is life-transforming. It has been for me. I focus on four sets of mindsets that range from negative to positive. Before I knew anything about mindsets, I used to be on the negative side of each of the […]

Mindsets: The Circuit Board of Our Mind

Mind Brain scaled

What part of us is responsible for why we process and operate in the ways that we do? Our mind. Yet, personal development efforts rarely focus on the mind. With advances in both psychology and neuroscience, we know more about the brain than ever before. Although most of this learning has occurred in the past […]

The Science Behind Shifting Your Mindsets

Neural Connections

A poor description of “mindsets” is that they are a “state of mind.” A better description of “mindsets” is that they are mental lenses that cause us to see the world in unique ways.” The most accurate description of “mindsets” is that they are neural connections that operate as our brain’s circuit board, directing how […]

Care For Your Mindsets Like You Do Your Teeth

Clean Teeth Smile

What do you do to keep your teeth healthy? If you are at least the average person, you: Go to the dentist every six months for a deep clean Spend 5-10 minutes every day caring for your teeth (brushing, flossing, etc.) Now, consider this… What is more important for your long-term success: your mindsets or […]

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