Take a moment and ask yourself this question: “Where in my life do I feel stuck?”

Is this a source of anxiety for you? If so, I want to help you get unstuck.

Discovery Calls

A couple of months ago, I launched my online course: High Octane Mindsets.

Prior to joining the course, I have individuals book a Discovery Call with me. These phone calls have been incredible experiences for me, and I want to share some of these experiences.

Most of the people that I am talking to are complete strangers, but within a matter of minutes, they have been willing to open up and discuss some of their deepest struggles and concerns.

I feel fortunate to be in a position to get to know these individuals and to be able to help them.

I want to share some of these individuals’ stories, and I hope you can feel the angst and emotion behind their “stuckness” and also the excitement about working toward liberation (names have been changed).

60-Year-Old IT professional coming up on retirement

James is an IT leader in his organization, and at 60 years old, he is working at a pace that he doesn’t believe that he can sustain. He knows that he will need to find something else to do within the next couple of years. But, the problem that he finds himself in is that he does not have the finances to carry him very far into retirement. So, not only does he need to find a slower-pace job, but he needs to find a slower-pace job that pays as well, if not more, than his current job.

He feels truly stuck, but he said something during our calls that really stuck out to me. He said, “I recognize that I need to do the inner work before I can get the outer outcomes that I want.”

30-Year-Old “Stuck” Dreamer

Shauna is a dreamer. She has big dreams for her future and high expectations for herself. While this is the case, she also feels a lot of angst because while she dreams big, she knows that she is stopping herself from being more and doing better. And, she continually beats herself up on the inside because he is not making the progress that she dreams about.

She came to me to gain clarity on where and how she is self-sabotaging herself. I was thrilled to tell her that I could help her (1) gain crystal clarity on the exact fears and insecurities that are holding her back, and (2) transform herself to become more of her ideal, confident, and dream-accomplishing self.

55-Year-Old “Stuck” Manager

Tony is a 55-year-old manager who has been itching to break into the VP-level for the last 13 years. Five years ago, he didn’t get that promotion when he was expecting it, and since then he has just been playing the waiting game. Looking back on the last 13 years, he told me that he now sees that the reason for his “stuckness” was himself. With this realization, he is now living with regrets of what could have been had he done some mindset work previously and developed more of a promotion mindset instead of a prevention mindset. He came to me looking to see if he could revamp himself so that he could reach his dream of becoming a VP and leading his own business unit. I was excited to help him reach his goals and revitalize his career.

40-Year-Old New Beginner

Adam recently went through a nasty divorce, lost his job, and is now having to reinvent himself. He currently has a positive and optimistic attitude that allows him to reflect on his past to diagnose where things went wrong. Through his introspection, he says that he recognizes that he lacked the self-awareness to see some blind spots that wreaked havoc on his personal and professional life.

When he is really honest with himself, he admits that he has fears that are keeping tethered to mediocrity, which he will have to bust through to “reemerge so strong.” I was able to offer him opportunities to deepen his self-awareness, awaken to his blind spots, and work through his self-limiting fears.

My Invitation to You

Are you like any of these individuals? Do you feel stuck? Do you have a hard time seeing a bright future? Are you living less than your potential? Do you want to alter the trajectory of your life?

There is a figurative pill for your frustration and “stuckness” and there is a different, more liberated and confident self in your future.

If you want to explore how you can create a brighter future, jump on a FREE Discovery Call with me, and we can talk through:

  • Where you are at
  • Where you want to go
  • And, how I might be able to help you close the gap and upgrade your life (Get Unstuck)

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